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Physics lesson 1-9

Mrs. Kelly

Match the correct vocabulary term to its definition by writing the number of the vocabulary word on the line next to the definition that matches the word.

1Physics _____Pure forms of matter
2Matter _____Matter that has a definite shape and a definite volume
3Energy _____Anything that has weight and takes up space
4Mechanics _____A particle in the nucleus that has a positive charge and contributes to the weight of the atom
5Speed _____The study of matter and energy in great detail
6Dimensions _____A measure of how hot or cold something is
7Length _____The capacity to do work
8Width _____A measure of how long something is
9Height _____A measure of how heavy something is
10Distance _____The temperature at which a liquid freezes
11Volume _____A measure of how wide something is
12Temperature _____The title given to people who are working in physics, Who have worked in physics, or who have a degree in physics
13Weight _____A particle in the nucleus of an atom that has no charge but does contribute to the weight of the atom
14Physicist _____A change in matter when it changes from one state to another
15Matter _____The building blocks used to make matter, they are the smallest piece of matter possible
16Atoms _____The measurement between a starting point and an ending point
17Elements _____The amount of force that is applied to something
18Nucleus _____Things that have weight and take up space
19Extranuclear region _____A positive or negative charge on an atom
20Proton _____The length width and height of an object
21Neutron _____A particle in the extranuclear region of the Adam it has a negative charge and does not contribute to the weight of the atom
22Electron _____The region in the center of the atom that contains the neutrons and protons
23Electrical charge _____Measurement taken from the bottom of something to its top
24Molecule _____Matcher that does not have a definite shape or volume
25Mass _____The temperature at which a solid melts
26Energy _____The way matter and energy behave together
27Solid _____The region outside the nucleus of the atom that contains electrons it is still part of the atom
28Liquid _____Matter that has a definite volume but no definite shape
29Gas _____this is the total amount of matter in an object
30Pressure _____The temperature at which a liquid becomes a gas
31State change _____A measure of how fast an object is traveling from a starting point to an ending point
32Melting point _____Two or more atoms joined together
33freezing point _____The ability to do work
34Boiling point _____A measure of how much space there is inside of something

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