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Vocab test 2 A

Ms. Smith

1languid _____to subdue or humble someone
2atone _____slow, weak, unhurried
3forte _____dislike of humankind
4euphony _____extravagant or wasteful
5misanthrope _____lazy, slothful
6hedonistic _____acute sharpness or cleverness
7ambiguous _____harsh, unpleasant sound
8tremulous _____to make up for a mistake or sin
9disparity _____quivering, shaking
10cacophony _____vague, unclear
11querulous _____irritable, bad tempered
12trivial _____strength or strong point
13indolence _____unimportant
14furtive _____pleasing sound
15sycophant _____secretive, hidden, sly
16acumen _____imbalance
17prodigal _____pursuit of pleasure only
18chasten _____insincere flattery

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