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English 12 Vocabulary 5

Kelly Taylor

comprise improper; incompatible; discordant; unsuitable for the situation
preamble an overabundance; excess; surplus
disconcert fob; pass off as genuine or valuable
eidetic compilation; index; anthology; a list or collection of items
plethora constitutes; to include or consist of; contains; encompass
consternation irreverence; impertinence; disrespect; rudeness
anomaly a preliminary statement; prologue; preface; opening
vitriolic eccentricity; oddity; irregularity; deviation from the norm
coterie bewilderment; shock; trepidation; alarming dismay or concern
expiate clique; society; circle; small group of people sharing the same interests that meet often
compendium make amends for; atone; correct; rectify
innocuous vivid; detailed and vivid recall
foist inoffensive; harmless; innocent
flippancy to frustrate; confuse; agitate; fluster; perplex
incongruous bitterly critical; harsh in tone; caustic; offensive; scathing

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