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Astronomy Vocabulary Quiz

Match each item on the left with the correct item on the right.

1Inner planets _____a cool giant star.
2Solar eclipse _____a small piece of debris from a comet or asteroid in interplanetary space.
3Asteroid _____the Moon's shadow falling on Earth, producing a region of darkness in daytime.
4Lunar eclipse _____the primordial explosion of space at the beginning of time.
5Outer planets _____the remains of a giant star that has collapsed on itself, so dense that light cannot escape from it.
6Planet _____a group of stars that forms an identified pattern.
7Meteor _____the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon, producing relative darkness of the full moon.
8Meteoroid _____a dying star that has collapsed to an Earth-like size and is slowly cooling off.
9Comet _____also known as a shooting star, the streak of light produced from a meteoroid.
10Big Bang _____the planets close to the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.
11Nebular Theory _____a large assemblage of stars, interstellar gas, and dust held together by gravity.
12Constellation _____an imaginary sphere surrounding Earth to which the stars are attached.
13Red Giant _____the name of the galaxy to which we belong.
14Galaxy _____a small, rocky body that orbits the sun.
15Star _____a mass of gas and plasma held together by its own gravity that produces its own light through thermonuclear reactions.
16Light-year _____the distance light travels in one year.
17Black hole _____a body composed of ice and dust that orbits the sun.
18White dwarf _____the idea that the Sun and planets formed together from a cloud of gas and dust, a nebula.
19Celestial sphere _____Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
20Milky Way _____the major bodies orbiting the Sun that are massive enough to be spherical.

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