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British Vocabulary and American Meaning

Wally Watkins

This puzzle is designed to provide students and educators the American Meaning or word that is synonymous with the British English word. On the left, there will be a list of British English words, which the participant is challenged to match to the column on the right, which has a mixed list of the American English equivalent.

Trainers The Trunk of a vehicle
Jumper Elevator
Chips Potato Chips
Crisps Truck, Semi, Tractor Trailer, or 18 Wheeler
Cheque Uniform
Flat Garbage or Trash
Boot Sneakers
Rubber Crosswalk
Holiday Diaper
Candy Floss Apartment
Lorry Mom
Lift Eraser
Nappy Trash Can
Loo Cotton Candy
Bin Soccer
Rubbish Sweater
Football Restroom or Bathroom
American Football Vacation
Kit Football
Zebra Crossing French Fries
Mum Check

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