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Anatomy muscles


sternocleidomastoid extends humerus or adducts and rotates arm medially
trapezius extends and adducts arm and rotates humerus inwardly, or pulls shoulder downward and posteriorly
rhomboid major rotates scapula and raises arm, pulls scapula and shoulder downward
levator scapulae pulls arm anteriorly and across chest, rotates humerus, adducts arm
pectoralis minor pulls head to side, pulls head toward chest, or raises sternum
pectoralis major elevates scapula
teres major rotates arm laterally
latissimus dorsi pulls scapula anteriorly and downward or raises ribs
deltoid raises and adducts scapula
subscapularis rotates arm medially
infraspinatus abducts arm, extends or flexes humerus

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