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Chapter 4 Vocabulary Match

Vocabulary terms for Common Core Algebra 1: An Introduction to Functions

1Arithmetic Sequenc _____A relation that assigns exactly one value in the range to each value in the domain.
2Common Difference _____Any set of ordered pairs.
3Continuous Graph _____A function whose graph is a line. This can be represented with a linear equation.
4Dependent Variable _____A method used to determine if a relation is a function or not.
5Discrete Graph _____The difference between consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence.
6Domain _____A variable that provides the output values of a function.
7Explicit Formula _____The possible values of the output, or dependent variable, of a relation or function.
8Function _____To write a rule in this formate, you use the symbol f(x) in place of y.
9Function Notation _____An ordered list of numbers that often forms a pattern.
10Input _____A value of the dependent variable.
11Independent Variable _____The possible values for the input of a relation or function.
12Linear Function _____This type of formula defines the terms in a sequence by relating each term to the ones before it.
13Nonlinear Function _____A graphy compose of isolated points.
14Output _____A number sequence formed by adding a fixed number to each previous term to find the next term.
15Range _____This formulat expresses the nth term of a sequence in terms of n.
16Recursive Formula _____A value of the independent variable.
17Relation _____A variable that provides the input values of a function.
18Sequence _____A function whose graph is not a line nor part of a line.
19Term of Sequence _____A graph that is unbroken.
20Vertical Line Test _____A reference to any number in a sequence.

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