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Voc. Quiz #11.5 China/Africa

1Warlord _____dealing with medicine and doctors
2economy _____military lord, leader of a clan
3reform _____an African language
4monastery  _____change
5project _____a plan of work with many steps to complete
6seek _____to go or join someone
7Medical _____Country in Asia made up of thousands of Islands
8Korea _____has to do with the buying, selling, and production of goods
9Japan _____country in east Asia
10Wendi _____to look for
11Sultan _____part of something
12griots _____religious community where monks live and work
13clan _____a story teller in Africa
14swahili _____A warlord in China who unified his people under a dynasty
15accompany _____A leader of a muslim country
16element _____a group of families bounded by blood or marriage

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