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Ben L.

5th grade Literature Midterm Review

Rigid To want very badly, to be filled with longing
Duration The line in the distance where the sky meets the land
Occasion certain; sure
Yearn The time during which something lasts
Horizon To save; to keep from harm
Convalesce To get back to health after an illness
Upbringing To prepare for the growing of crops
Methodical not serious; silly
Nostalgia The greatest or highest number or amount
Equivalent To communicate with
Stimulate Someone traveling on foot
Pedestrian equal to
Saunter a particular time or special event
Fascinate To push or shove
Edible The care and training a child gets while growing up
Meddle A violent windstorm
Cultivate Important, full of meaning
Terse a temporary and usually less strong replacement
Denounce stiff and unbending;not flexible
Jostle To make more active
Companion Done in a regular or orderly way
Maximum One who spends time with another
Exasperate To speak out against something
Significant To involve oneself in other people's affiars
Frivolous To attract
Makeshift Short and to the point
Confident Safe or fit to be eaten
Contact To make angry; to annoy
Preserve A longing for a certain time in the past
Tempest To walk without hurrying; To stroll

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