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5th Grade Vocabulary Word Match

Gianna Harts

Match the word with its definition

1recreant _____stood up for
2harbinger _____action verb with no direct object
3shrewishness _____splendidly, victoriously
4circumnavigation _____a small amount
5Encomienda _____the belief there is one god
6chaste _____adjective-mistaken
7rehabilitation _____noun-the application of remedies to effect a cure
8comprised _____noun-the state of being argumentative
9caravel _____to stay somewhere temporarily
10sepal _____noun-travelling around the world
11bryophyte _____splendor and impressiveness
12gymnosperm _____when missing parts of an organism are regrown
13antipode _____the growth of an embryo in a plant
14pageant _____adjective-made up of
15misprised _____noun-a system where a Spanish soldier was given land in exchange for protecting citizens
16sojourn _____the result of a sperm uniting with an egg
17advocated _____nevertheless, anyway
18parlous _____to settle as a group
19intransitive _____noun-the outermost part of a flower
20gleek _____to deprive a boat of the wind it needs to move
21amiable _____showing a lack of concern
22cavalier _____to make a joke
23provender _____noun-a coward
24trimphantly _____animal food
25abridgement _____that is to say, namely
26wretchedness _____noun-a nonvascular plant, like moss
27videlicet _____bound to be a servant
28imbrue _____coming after something in time
29palpable _____noun-a sign of things to come
30prodigious _____a struggle amoung several people
31governance _____a peculiar feature
32monotheism _____a mature sex cell, either male(sperm) or female(egg)
33indentured _____neglected and filthy
34textiles _____a strong, translucent ceraminc material
35colonization _____noun-a spectacle or contest
36pollination _____to stain, usually with blood
37germination _____capable of being done
38fertilization _____obvious, evident
39gamete _____noun-a type of seed-bearing plant with naked seeds
40regeneration _____a gradual increase in loudness in a piece of music
41crescendo _____a miserable condition
42ebullient _____terrible
43grandeur _____the exercise of authority
44inalienable _____charming, loveable
45plethora _____a concern for human welfare and advancement
46onomatopoeia _____extraordinary in size
47magnanimous _____a monologue or speech, especially in a play
48idiosyncrasy _____noun-the point on earth opposite from where you are
49blasphemous _____when pollen is transferred from an anther to a stigma
50soliloquy _____a large or excessive amount
51subsequent _____a shorter versino of a book
52melee _____noun-smaller, fast ships, used during the 1500s
53squalid _____a feeling of vexation
54pittance _____sacrilegious against God
55feasibility _____unable to be taken away from
56philanthropy _____goods produced by weaving, knitting or felting
57chagrin _____very generous or forgiving
58porcelain _____cheerful and full of energy
59becalm _____a word made by the imitation of a sound
60notwithstanding _____adjective-pure, innocent

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