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5th Grade Vocabulary Word Match - Part 2

Gianna Harts

Match the word with its definition

1garret _____overly emotional
2consolingly _____characteristic of the ruling class or nobility
3obligingly _____a dress made of sheer cotton fabric
4blunderbuss _____a creature iwth a horse's body and a human head
5irascible _____truly awful
6aristocratic _____highly improbable
7carnelian _____agreeably, without complaining
8bildungsroman _____to punish with a cane
9blancmange _____a sweetened milk pudding
10voraciously _____soap
11enticement _____crabby, difficult to get along with
12beatitude _____showing little spirit or energy
13centaur _____an attic or room at the top of a house
14ferrule _____soothingly, with encouragement
15glycerine _____with great appetite
16abominable _____a coming of age novel
17chimerical _____a short gun with a bell-shaped muzzle
18tarlatan _____a lure or attraction
19melodramatic _____a reddish-brown gemstone
20languid _____bliss or perfect harmony

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