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Voc. Quiz #15 China

1Treason _____to meet or interact with others
2Census _____to be disloyal to a person or country
3Novel _____story told by actors who pretend to be characters in the story
4barberian _____when all the people in a country are counted
5compile _____Chinese explorer who traveled to East Africa for trade
6drama _____Long fictional story
7contact _____This Dynasty built palaces like the Forbidden City
8Yong Le _____Explorer from Venice who traveled to China
9Zheng He _____Religion that originated in India
10Ming Dynasty _____The grandson of Genghis Khan, he welcomed Marco Polo into his empire
11erode _____He united the Mongol tribes and stablished the Mongol Empire
12Confucianism _____an uncivilized group or person
13Daoism _____Chinese religion based on the belief of respecting authority
14Buddhism _____to wear away slowly
15Genghis Khan _____to put together into a list or group
16Kublai Khan _____Religion base on living in harmony with nature
17Marco Polo _____He stablished the Ming Dynasty

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