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Music in World Cultures Ch. 2 Terms Quiz

LaDonna Manternach

1Interval _____The volume(s) of a musical sound
2Drone _____The underlying structure of a musical performance based upon repetition and new material
3Chordophone _____A tone's frequency level, measured in Hertz
4Idiophone _____An instrument that produces sound when a stretched skin vibrates
5Rhythm _____A melodic decoration
6Dynamics _____A set of pitches arranged in an ascending or descending order
7Beat _____The relative rate or speed of a beat
8Scale _____An instrument that requires air to produce sound
9Timbre _____An instrument that produces sound when struck, shaken or scraped
10Form _____An instrument that produces sound when a string vibrates
11Membranophone _____The distinctive character or quality of a musical sound
12Melody _____Patterns in time; durations of sound
13Sachs-Hornbostel _____A tune; a sequence of notes that make up a musical phrase
14Pitch _____A regular pulsation that underlies music
15Ornamentation _____A continuous low sound
16Meter or Time Signature _____The distance between two pitches
17Aerophone _____A system of classification of musical instruments
18Tempo _____A division of beats into regular groupings of 2, 3, 4 or more beats

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