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AP Bio Review

Elena Desmond

How is homeostasis controlled? Modification that makes an organism suited to their way of life
What is taxonomy? Produce from dividing cells frozen in metaphase of mitosis
What is an independent variable? Light Reactions
The nucleotide base composition within the DNA double helix? T+G=A+C
pH 13 Whether the unknown genotype includes a recessive allele
pH6 Strong Base
The evolutionary process that created chloroplast and mitochondria is ___ Positive and negative feedback
Where are bound ribosomes located Nuclear envelope or the endoplasmic reticulum
What is considered the "mailroom of the cell"? Initiation, elongation, and termination
NADPH is produced by the ____ The exact location of a gene on a chromosome
The sister chromatids separate  The discipline of classifying and naming organisms according to certain rules
Karyotype Negatively charged ion due to the gaining of electrons
Three nucleotide sequence in DNA Golgi Apperatus
Three Phases of Translation Changes that occur in an experiment that are directly caused by the experimenter
Gene Loci Anaphase II
What does a testcross show? Endosymbiosis
Three ways bacteria share genetic material Triplet
Adaption Weak Acid
Anion Transformation, Transduction, Congugation

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