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Cardiovascular System

Lisa Young

Matching cardiovascular system medical terms with definitions.

embolus yellowish plaques in arteries
murmur inflammation of the muscle layer of the heart wall
bradycardia high blood pressure
arrhythmia low blood pressure
cardiomegaly irregular heart rhythm
MI weakness in the wall of an artery resulting in localized widening of the artery
pericarditis  method for evaluating cardiovascular fitness
atherosclerosis deep vein thrombosis
hypertension  inflammation of a vein
phlebitis placement of a stent within a coronary artery
angiogram blood clot that has broken free
cardiac catheterization  removal of the diseased or damaged inner lining of an artery
electrocardiography  an enlarged heart
stress testing x-ray record of a vessel
CPR percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
defibrillation  coronary artery disease
atherectomy  medication used to treat hypertension
endarterectomy procedure to convert serious irregular heart rhythms with electricity
intracoronary artery stent  inflammation of the pericardial sac
PTCA extremely serious arrhythmia of abnormal quivering of heart fibers
beta-blocker drugs  recording the electrical activity of the heart
hypotension congestive heart failure
thrombolytic therapy test to look for abnormalities in the coronary arteries
echocardiography  process in which drugs dissolve clots in vessels
DVT  noninvasvie diagnostic procedure using ultrasound to see internal cardiac structures.
myocarditis slow heart rate
aneurysm  cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CHF myocardial infarction
CAD  abnormal heart sound
fibrillation  surgical procedure to remove a deposit of fatty substance

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