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Side by side 1


Modules 6-15 there is no "one" solution!

1vacuum _____for a walk
2clean  _____the afternoon
3do _____often
4do _____your nails
5do _____at work
6go _____the rug
7go _____throat
8be _____music
9sore _____sleeping
10get _____the floor
11to be _____on the floor
12to look _____to two
13to look  _____the truth
14to look _____for a movie
15to feed _____after two o clock
16to read  _____to be bery hot
17to speak _____judo
18to tell _____in an apartment
19to tellq _____January
20to speak _____a movie
21work _____shopping
22go to _____showes
23to live _____Monday
24to rent _____Portuguese
25see _____the kitchen
26go  _____gymnastics
27how _____fiction
28go _____bowling
29game _____after your family
30classical _____an apartment or flat
31adventure _____for a job
32science _____very loud
33in _____night
34in _____the office
35in _____to a museum
36at _____dinner
37on _____in an office
38in _____5 o'clock
39at _____your cat or chinchilla :)
40to bite _____now
41to sweep _____the suitcase
42to sleep _____dressed
43according _____the morning
44to go _____lunch
45like _____a book
46hate _____shopping
47love _____to work
48to have _____a shover/a bath
49to have _____to
50to have _____karate
51to have  _____cleaning
52to have _____like somebody
53to have _____the evening
54to go _____breakfast
55quarter _____frustrated
56quarter _____a break
57it's going _____a joke
58to take _____a shower
59to pack _____a bath
60right _____movies

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