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Bio 101 Topic 1

Allele How widely a scientific investigation applies to situations other than the specific ones scientists tested
Asexual Reproduction Positively charged subatomic particle inside the nucleus of an atom
Atom Central sphere of an atom made of protons and neutrons, with electrons orbiting
Cell A test or manipulation in which a scientist keeps all variables (possible factors that could affect the outcome of the test) the same except for the one under investigation
Chemical Bonding A different version of the same gene
Classification Neutal subatomic particle inside the nucleus of an atom
Diversity A procedure for determining the evidence in support of a hypothesis
Electron Promoting the use and/or purchase of remedies even when there is no scientific evidence or plausible rationale for their effectiveness
Element Formed through the chemical bonding of atoms
Evolution Negatively charged subatomic particle that orbits the nucleus of an atom
Macromolecule A procedure that sets up the conditions the predictions require
Metabolism the idea that effects in the natural world all have causes, rather than supernatural ones
Molecule Smallest unit of life
Mutation The unique classification of each species from kingdom to species
Natural Selection A substance composed of only one type of atom
Neutron A physical change in the DNA
Nucleus every event or outcome in nature has a source; if a scientist sets up the correct conditions, the result can be predicted in advance
Orbital The outermost shell of an atom that can accommodate a specific number of electrons
Proton The building block of every physical thing in existence
Scientific Name Proteins that make it easier for chemical reactions to occur
Sexual Reproduction The theory that explains how all living organisms are related and how existing populations adapt to their environments and how new species arise
Cause and Effect The variety of life forms in the natural world
Controlled Experiment Sharing of electrons in the outer shell of more than one atom
Empirical Evidence Something that has actual existence
Fact The term Darwin used to describe the mechanism by which species change over time; conditions in the natural world select which individuals will survive and reproduce
Falsifiable Reproduction that occurs when an egg from a female fuses with a sperm cell from a male to form a new individual
Generality A living thing that cannot be seen without the use of a microscope, such as bacteria
Hypothesis An idea, supported by evidence, whichprovides a bigger picture than a hypothesis of how some aspects of nature works; it may weave together supporting evidence from several scientific fields
Materialism information that one gets from direct observation from experience, or from the results of experiments and other tests of hypotheses
Enzyme Able to be proved wrong
Microorganism Set of procedures scientists use their investigations includes four steps, observations and facts, hypotheses and predictions, testing, and evaluation and interpreting of results
Observation Fake science
Prediction What you can see, hear, smell, taste, or feel physically
Psuedoscience All of the chemical reactions that sustain life
Quackery Educated speculation about what an outcome will be
Scientific Method Possible cause or mechanism that could explain observations and facts
Test The assignment of every species to a genus, family, order, class, phylum, and kingdom
Testability Large molecule made up of many atoms
Theory Reproduction that requires a single parent. occurs in single celled organisms

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