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MP2 SWV Review #2

altercation ____ is rumored to be one of the lost Power Rangers who was too legit to quit, but did so anyways and became an English teacher instead.
caprcious Doctors are much more _____ in the use of certain medical techniques.
catharsis After an _____, the pitcher and batter were both ejected from the game.
circumspect Advertising agencies can be misleading by using _____ in their ads.
deference The soldier's faces were ____ beneath their metal helmets.
discrepancy Relaxation is _____ for stress.
ephemeral Eating high calories foods will _____ the effects of the weight lost due to dieting.
guile The businessman tried to _____ the angry buyers with an expensive dinner.
impassive The combination of chemicals created a _____ compound.
induce Skye was lucky enough to observe the _____ known as Northern Lights.
malevolent The problem was solved when the two came to a _____.
negate I went through many hours of _____ studying for the test.
phenomenon A gossipy _____ old woman lived next door to Jessica and Kristi.
placate The storm was _____, changing its course constantly.
potent The documentary was a _____ reminder of the horror of war.
pugnacious When Andrew came home an hour past curfew, He had to listen to his father's _____.
rectify The lake was a _____ place to read a book and relax.
resolution Some movie theatres send out subliminal messages to _____ viewers to buy snacks.
retract Out of _____ for his aunt, Ralph agreed to spend the afternoon helping her plant seeds in the garden.
rigorous The newspaper will _____ the story because it contained false information.
serene Manufacturers who make _____ claims for their products may face lawsuits.
spurious There seems to be a _____ between the statements of the two witnesses of the crime.
therapeutic Once she realized what mistakes were made, they were easy to _____.
tirade He has never forgotten the _____ joys of his childhood.
volatile You should be very careful about irritating Curly. He has a _____ demeanor and could be dangerous.
Mr. DeRubis Crying together was a _____ for Maleeka and her mom.

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