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The Meaning of Lines

Design Aesthetics

Match the voacbulary to the correct descriptions

Thin lines  appear easy to break or knock over
Thin lines  convey confusion and nervousness as they change direction quickly and frequently
Thin lines  are strong and rigid, like columns
Thick lines are strong & bold
Thick lines convey action & motion, tension and excitement
Thick lines can appear to be either rising or falling
Horizontal lines are fragile & delicate
Horizontal lines suggest stability, especially when thicker
Horizontal lines suggest frailty and convey an elegant quality
Vertical lines appear difficult to break
Vertical lines can be calm or dynamic depending on how they are drawn
Vertical lines are connected lines with high energy, excitement & movement
Diagonal lines can imply danger and destruction as they break down
Diagonal lines are unbalanced, energetic & dramatic
Diagonal lines can be perceived as handcrafted, warm, approachable
Curved lines can be perceived as mechanical, cold, sterile
Curved lines are softer, less definite and less predictable
Curved lines are straight and even, but with slight variations
Zigzag lines accentuate height and convey a lack of movement
Zigzag lines suggest strength and make a statement
Zigzag lines appear stable and secure
Artificial lines  sweep and turn gracefully to express fluid movement
Artificial lines  suggest calm and quiet, a relaxed comfort
Natural lines are perfectly straight and even, with no irregularity
Natural lines look like they’re lying down, at rest, asleep

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