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Unit 6 Explorer Matching

Piper Ehlen

Match the explorer to the correct background check.

1Amerigo Vespucci _____1st European to see Pacific Ocean
2Bartolomeu Dias _____Portuguese prince who funded and designed the double-rigged ship, the caravel since he was interested by travel
3Pedro Alvarez Cabral _____invented the printing press
4Vasco Nunez de Balboa _____established and created the Line of Demarcation
5Ferdinand Magellan _____Spanish explorer, sailed along the California coast in search of gold, found Oregon
6Juan Sebastian del Cano _____1st European to discover Brazil IN S.A.
7Vasco de Gama _____While searching for the 7 Cities of Cibola he is the 1st European to see the Mississippi River
8Christopher Columbus _____Divided his expedition into 2 groups to find the Rio Grande, only to end up dying on his journey
9Henry the Navigator _____Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs and fulfilled the Aztec prophecy (white bearded man around Reed 1)
10The Pope _____1st European to realize South America is a continent
11Hernan Cortez _____Emperor of the Aztec people
12Montezuma II _____Spanish explorer, explored the Grand Canyon, Great Plains, and reached Wichita
13Quetzalcoatl _____1st European to reach and name Florida
14Ponce de Leòn _____finished Magellan's circumnavigation
15Pànfilo de Narvàez _____1st European to circumnavigate, died before completion
16Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca _____Aztec god who in Reed 1 was to send a white bearded man to take Aztec's home
17Hernàndo de Soto _____1st European to reach the Cape of Good Hope
18Francisco Vasquez de Coronado _____destroyed Italy's monopoly by finding a all water route to Asia
19Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo _____reached the Americas by ship, though he thought he reached Asia.
20Johannes Gutenberg _____Survived Narvàez's expedition who explored North America southwest looking for the 7 cities of Cibola

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