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6th Grade Vocabulary Quiz-Week 19

Marianne Sletteland

Please match the correct work with it's definition and sentence.

miserable Extremely unhappy or uncomortable. I felt _______ and did not like being sick.
poverty Money given to students to pay for school. Bill earned a ________, it helped him pay for art school.
squandering A work of art created by carving or casting. The artist molded the _____ out of clay.
scholarship Shaky or likely to fall down. The old barn on Bill's Grandfather's farm was a ____________, it looked like it was going could collapse at any minute.
foreign Enclosed railway cars for freight transport. The loaded _____ trailed the train's engine.
boxcars Pleasing or appealing to the senses. Dog drool isn't appealing or _________.
sculpture Using up irresponsibly or frittering (wasting) away. Bill's father was always ________ his mother's money.
disturb The state of being extremely poor. Bill Peet lived in ________ when he was in art school, his family did not always have enough money.
grotesque To bother or disrupt. Please do not _______ my students, they are working very hard.
enthusiasm  Of or from another place; unfamiliar. If we go to China, we are in a _______ country.
attractive Outlandish, bizarre, or ugly. Dog drool is _____________.
mural Strong excitement, great interest. My students show a lot of ____________ when they are told they will get to watch a movie.
squelch A picture painted directly on a wall. The student at Potlatch Elementary helped to paint the ________ on the outside of our school.
fortunes Making a sucking sound or squishing sound. My boots _________ loudly as I walk in deep mud.
ramshackle Riches, wealth, and prosperity. The critics of Snow White did not think it would be a success, they thought Walt Disney would was his _________ on creating this movie.

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