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african music

jake woodbury


How is African music learnt 2
What is a cross-rhythm? 'Burkina Faso'
What is polyrhythmic? When a soloist sings or plays a phrase of music and a larger group responds to that with an answering phrase.
A well known melodic instrument Balafon
Where about in west Africa does ‘koko’ come from? the introduction
Why might the song be called ‘yiri’? 1
What is call and response? G♭ Major
How is the Djembe played? The effect produced when two conflicting rhythms are heard together.
How is a talking drum played? With the hands
How is a Balafon played? Because all of the instruments except the bell are made from wood.
What section is played in ostinato? When two or more rhythms with different pulses are heard together
What section plays in tremolo? oral tradition
What key is it played in? The main section
How many heads does a djembe have? With a hooked stick
How many heads does a dundun have? The same as a xylophone

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