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Coping mechanisms

Sublimation Communication or behavior done to negate a previously unacceptable act
Suppression Reverting to an earlier level of development when anxious or stressed
Undoing Indirectly expressing aggression toward others; a facade of overt compliance masks covert resentment
Rationalization Involuntary exclusion of a painful thought of memory from awareness
Reaction Formation Substituting an unacceptable feeling for an acceptable one
Regression Offering an acceptable, logical explanation for unacceptable feelings and behaviors making it acceptable
Repression Separation of feelings, ideas, or impulse from one's thought process
Introjection Intentional exclusion of feelings and ideas
Isolation/Reframing Attempt to be like someone or emulate the personality traits or behavior of another person
Passive-aggression Transference of feelings to another person or object
Denial Using reason to avoid emotional conflict
Displacement Incorporation of values or qualities of an admired person or group into one's own ego structure
Identification Unconscious failure to acknowledge an event, thought, or feeling that is too painful for conscious awareness
Intellectualization Development of conscious attributes and behaviors that are the opposite of what is really felt

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