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money  Have right to transfer, sell it to somebody else
capital A U.S $ outside of the U.S (AKA Libor)
negotiable cd more long term- 2, 5, 10 years
banker's acceptance  Buy it from you then sell it back to you at higher price
repurchase agreement  Bank is guaranteeing the check
euro dollar Bond issued by government agency, not fully guaranteed, however people believe treasury will recover this $ so it's less risky,( Ex: education, farmers)
commercial paper perpetuity, Priority over common, paid dividends before common stock, special tax treatment(pay tax on a percentage of stocks, not all)
agency debt usually a lot of options, larger default risk than gvt. securities (Sometimes exceptions like the times microsoft was considered less risky than the US gvt.
euro bond Long term- 10-30 years
foreign bond Long term, Socks and bonds
bearer bond Short term, instruments, less than 6months, T-Bill
registered bond non US $, outside US
municipal bond Given name to it, such as on computer
bond Interest paid (1-t)
general obligation Short term- 30, 90, 180 days
revenue All Debt of the US government
industrial revenue AKA: Go bond... Any source of income will be used to pay back
tax equivalent yield  Short term, unsecure corporate debt, (GE, and Apple ex of companies that can do this, do this to raise money quick) (usually 1-6 months)
treasury notes and bonds GM general motors
t-bill Whoever has physical possession owns it
t-notes A debt security issued by a state, municipality or county to finance its capital expenditures. 3types- General Obligation, Revenue, Industrial Revenue bond.... issued by state and local governments, Federal government cannot tax..
t-bond ownership, residual claim ( You get what's leftover, once everyone is paid, you are) Limited liability
Corporate Bond A debt instrument issued by governments, corporations and other entities in order to finance projects or activities
One recorded case where stockholders weren't last to get paid in bankrupcy, president said it Counting on a specific source to pay back. (Such as Laguardia borrowing 5Bill$, counting on Laguardia to make this $ to repay.. They won't take money from JFK/Newark)
common stock  City/State borrows $ for private corporations (Because interest will be cheaper)
preferred stock sold in US $, outside US

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