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ACT physics terms

Noah and Seth

Terms from physics group 3

Destructive interference Consists of a voltage source that maintains an electrical potential and a device where work is done by the electrical potential.
Diffraction An electrical current that always moves in one direction.
Diffuse reflection The flow of electric charge electric field force field produced by an electrical charge.
Direct current materialsthat have electrons that are free to move throughout the materials
Dispersion a magnet formed by a solenoid that can be turned on and off by turning the current on and off
Displacement  electrical nonconductors
Distance The bending of light around the edge of an opaque object.
Doppler effect Light rays reflected in many random directions, as opposed to the parallel rays reflected from a perfectly smooth surface such as a mirror.
Echo materials that have electrons that are not moved easily within the material for example rubber.
Electrical circuit  a map of an electric feild representing the direction of the force that a test charge would experience
Electric current An apparent shift in the frequency of sound or light due to relative motion between the source of the sound or light and the observer.
electric feild lines  The actual length of the path traveled by a body irrespective of the direction.
electric potential energy solution of ionic substance that conducts an electric current
electrical conductors the property of opposing or reducing electricurrent
electrical force Sound reflected that can be distinguished from the original sound.
electrical insulators energy due to postition of a charge near other charges
electrical nonconductors The condition in which 2 waves arriving at the same point at the same time out of phase add amplitudes to create zero total disturbance.
electrical resistance The effect of spreading colors of light into a spectrum with a material that has an index of refraction that varies from wavelength.
electrolyte water The change in the position of an object in a particular direction.
electromagnet fundamental force that result results from the interaction of electrial chargeand is billions and billions times stronger than the gravitational force

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