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Coastal Pollution


Refer to "Humanities Alive 3" text book for Year 9 Social Science students. Chapter 5.8 Page 138

37,000 Will eventually run into the sea
85% of population lives on the coast in Australia Causing an overload of nutrients that leads to excess algae
Plastic litter May dispose of contaminated water, oily residues and chemicals in the sea
7 billion plastic bags are used per year Kilometers of coast around Australia
Coastal animals may choke on or be strangled by Results in coastal environments being susceptible to pollution
Farming fertilisers or sewage may flow into coastal waters Use up sunlight and oxygen and may be toxic to plants & animals
Excess algae Is not biodegradable so it stays intact for many years
Farms near coast, aquaculture farming and large coastal population Most common man-made item seen at sea
Australia exports oil, chemicals and heavy metals Contribute to excess nutrients
Many marine animals are killed Which may cause pollution around ports and nearby sea routes
Ships and industry near the coast By oil spill accidents
Oil and chemicals from households (runoff) Plastic litter
Any pollutant poured down a sink or drain Cause more damage to the environment than major oil spills do

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