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Marine Mollusca Vocabulary

Mrs. Klotz

poisonous cephalopods have no shell, are gastropods, aggressive eaters, look like thick sea slugs
Giant squid ribbon of small teeth that is used to feed
apex can actively pump water in & out for respiration & feeding
foot tip or top or smallest diameter of a snails spiral shell
respiratory pore fin along full side, not a fish, eight arms & two tentacles
adductor muscle Flambouyant cuttlefish, Blue-ringed octopus, Striped pj octopus
cuttlebone below tentacles & above shell of snails, breathing orifice
mantle projections in shell near hinge ligament, fit into recessed sockets
hinge teeth fleshy lining inside of shell/valve, responsible for secretion & maintenance
incurrent & excurrent siphons clap their valves/shell to swim, some have eyes on tips of valves
funnel compress & stretch to open and close valves of a clam
radula most cephalopods escape predation by releasing dark fluid from this organ
Nudibranchs anchors the animal to surfaces & for movement, protein for humans
cuttlefishes ground into bird & fish food, calcified internal bone in cuttlefish
gastropods settles on pilings, boat bottoms, great whales, example barnacles
scallops octopus use like a water jet for propulsion
fouling organism most varied & common & largest group of molluscs
cephalopods predators specialized for locomotion, name means "head-footed"
ink sac most live & breed near New Zealand, not found live
squid some chitons in this class of mollusks can reach 2 feet long
bivalvia excellent swimmers, move forward & back with siphon, elongated
polyplacophora cockles, scallops, oysters & mussels are in this class

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