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Axis two days of the year where either hemisphere not tilted towards or away from the sun.
Revolution The movement of an object around another object
Rotation the spinning motion of a planet on its axis
Corona  the inner layer of the sun atmosphere
Sunspots areas of gas on the Sun’s surface that are cooler than the area around it.
Heliocentric two days of the year when the sun reaches its most northern or southern point.
Geocentric The imaginary line through the Earth’s center
Equinox an eruption on the surface of the sun
Solstice model of the solar system that the planets revolve around the Earth.
Lunar Eclipse  outer layer of the Sun’s atmosphere
Solar Eclipse  is when the Earth’s shadow is on the moon
Photosphere the middle layer of the sun’s atmosphere
Ellipse is when the moon’s shadow is on the Earth blocking the sun
Orbit an oval shape that may be elongated or nearly circular
Chromosphere model of the solar system that the planets revolve around the sun.
Solar Flare  when a body revolves around another body in space

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