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Spinach Slice

MA Cowra

Occasionally (adv) Beyond what is regarded as customary or proper:
Exclude (v) To heat before using.
Self-raising At times
Flour (n) To lift or propel.
Celsius(adj) Tthe finely ground meal of grain
Colander (n) Supported by.
Preheat (v) Cultivated for its edible, crinkly or flat leaves.
Cheddar (n) Pertaining to or noting a temperature scale (Celsius scale) in which 0° represents the ice point and 100° the steam point.
Apart (adv) A metal or plastic container with a perforated base.
Fan (n) Something that enters as an element into a mixture:
Ingredient (n) To shut or keep out
Squeeze (v) Produces a current of air
Excess (n)  At a short distance apart
Forced (adj) To press forcibly together; compress.
Spinach (n) A hard, smooth-textured cheese

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