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timeline quiz


18,000BP New Sweden
15,000BP?  Breton,British, and Potuguese fishermen off the coast of ne. NA
13-14,000BP unification of England and Scotland creates Great Britain
13,000BP Puritan migration from East Anglia to MA
13,000BP Declaration of Independence
12,900BP first mission settlements in California
10,000BP? Clovis points no longer manufactured. Folsom points, for buffalo hunting, manufactured
9000BP? "Scotch-Irish" migration from England/Scotland border to PA and then to Applachain
7000BP? Nadene speakers arrive in NA
6000BP? Daniel Boone lays Wilderness road through Cumberland Gap
5000BP Extinction of NA megafauna
4000BP Columbus reaches bahamas, Cuba, and Hispanola
3000BP invasion of a few Eurasian megafauna
10th century AD De Soto expedition through the Southeast
1100 Cavlier and servant migration from SSW England to VA
15th century AD Boston Tea Party
1492 Cahokia's ppulation peaks at about 25-43000
1492 War of Independence
1501 first Paleo-Indians arrive in NA?
1519 agriculture spreads to Mississippi Valley, or is independently invented there
1519-22 Santa Fe founded
1521 Quaker migration from n.Midlands to PA
1538-43 Cortez conquers Mexico; smallpox decimates native population
1540-42 agriculture spreads to Southwestern US
1565 Peak of last Ice Age, Followed by warming
1607 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting abolishes slavery first case of abolition in the Western world
1609 Jamestown founded
1621 Coronado expedition to Southwest, introduction of the horse to the great plains
1624-64 founding of St. Augustine, the first permanent European colony in present US territory
1629-40 Seven Years (French and Indian) War
1638-55 Clovis point big game hunters arrive in NA
1642-75 Yonker Dryas abrupt climate change episode
1675-1725 first black slaves brought to New World (Hispanola)
1680 Reconquista completed
1707 brown rat reaches US
1718-75 Viking colony in Newfoundland
1749-54 James Watt invents steam engine, Official start of the Industrial Rvolution, in England
1754-63 New Netherlands
1758 first mounds of the "Moundbuilders"
1765 bow and arrow reaches NA
1769 Pilgrims come ashore in Massachusetts
1774 Ponce de Leon tries to colonize Florida
1775 arrival of Inuit (Eskimos) in NA
1775-1781 Magellan expedition's voyage around the world
1776 "Pennsylvania Dutch" migrate to PA
1776 Pueblo revolt
13,000 farming begin in Mexico

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