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CR, PS, Cell Transport

photosynthesis organelle in which photosynthesis occurs
ATP name of the 5C sugar that combines with CO2 in the Calvin cycle
chloroplast the final electron acceptor at the end of the ETC of CR
thylakoid a molecule that stores energy by forming with NADP+ and a H+
grana adenosine triphosphate
stroma glycolysis occurs here
pigments gas released into the atmosphere from photolysis
electrons area of the chloroplast that contains the chlorophyll
porteins number of cycles of the Calvin cycle to produce one molecule of glucose
NADP+ name of the cycle in the light independent reaction
NADPH the molecule that carries the electron after they leave the 2nd ETC in PS
water these are passed through the mitochondrial membrane to its center in the ETC of CR
photolysis the influx of H+ into the mitochondria during CR causes the inside to become this
oxygen created from the addition of acetyl-CoA oxaloacetic acid
Calvin molecule that is split to replace the electrons in the light dependent reaction
stroma these structures are energized when sunlight strikes the chlorophyll
RuBP molecule that combines with pyruvic acid to form acetyl-CoA
light dependent does not require oxygen
PGAL part of CR that is anaerobic
two  end product of the ETC when H+ combines with O2
six  the substance that becomes the product and the reactant in the CAC
mitochondria organelle in which CR occurs
aerobic requires oxygen
anaerobic molecules that absorb certain wavelengths of light
glycolysis space around the thylakoids
cytoplasm location of the ETC of CR
pyruvic acid the ATP and NADPH needed for the light independent reaction come from here
two number of NADH molecules formed in the CAC
coenzyme A the 3C molecule formed in the Calvin Cycle from PGA
acetyl-CoA in glycolysis, glucose is broken down into 2 of these molecules
citric acid the structures in the ETC that pass the electrons
FADH2 number of ATP molecules produced by ETC of CR
oxaloacetic acid a stack of thylakoids
three net profit of ATP molecules in glycolysis
membrane of the mitochondria one of the molecules created in the CAC that is passed to the ETC
H+ process by which organisms trap the sun's energy to build carbohydrates
positively charged molecule created from pyruvic acid that is passed on to the citric acid cycle
oxygen location of the light independent reactions
water water splitting
32 number of molecules of PGAL needed to form glucose

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