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Types of SHOCK

Zahraa Albaboudy

Use Chapter 18 of the book, to help match the correct types of shock with the right definition


1Shock _____a type of shock caused by an abnormal decrease in blood volume
2Hypoperfusion _____a type of distributive shock caused by trauma to the spinal cord or brain, where the blood vessels walls abnormally constrict and dilate
3Cardiogenic Shock _____when an infection has spread to the point that bacteria is releasing toxins within the body
4Dilation _____the result of the heart being unable to supply adequate blood circulation to the vital organs, resulting in inadequate supply of nutrients
5Distributive Shock _____the process of enlargement, stretching or expansion; used to describe blood vessels
6Hypovolemic Shock _____different term for shock
7Neurogenic/Vasogenic Shock _____progressive condition in which the circulatory system fails to adequately circulate oxygenated blood to all parts of the body.
8Obstructive Shock _____caused by any obstruction to blood flow within the blood vessels
9Respiratory Shock _____a type of shock caused by inadequate distribution of blood, either in the blood or throughout the body, leading to inadequate amount of blood returning to the heart
10Septic Shock _____caused by the failure of the lungs to transfer sufficient oxygen into the blood stream

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