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Pharm Elimination

Drug Match

1Oxybutynin _____UTI Anti-infective
2Tolterodine tartrate _____Androgen Inhibitor BPH
3Solifenacin _____UTI Anti-infective
4Fesoterodone _____Antispasmodic
5Prosed EC _____Anti-Emetic (Antihistamine/Anticholinergic)
6Unimar-T _____Anti-Emetics (Dopamine Antagonists)
7Phenzopyridine Hydrocholoride _____Urinary Tract Antiseptic
8Phenyl Salicylate _____Androgen Inhibitor BPH
9Bethanechol Chloride _____UTI Anti-infective
10Meostigmine Methylsulfate _____UTI Anti-infective
11Finasteride _____UTI Anti-infective
12Dutasteride _____Anti-Emetic (Anticholinergic)
13Doxazosin Mesylate _____Urinary Tract Anesthetics
14Tamsulosin _____Alpha Adrenergic Bloker BPH
15Methenamine _____Urinary Tract Anesthetics
16Methylene Blue _____Anti-Emetics (Dopamine Antagonists)
17Aminoglycosides _____Urinary Retention
18Nitrofurantoin _____Anti-Emetic (Antihistamine/Anticholinergic)
19Beta-Lactum Structure _____Urinary Tract Antiseptic
20Sulfonamides _____Antispasmodic
21Fluruoquinolones _____Antispasmodic
22Tetracyclines _____UTI Anti-infective
23Metoclopraminde _____Urinary Tract Anesthetics
24Prochlorperzine _____Anti-Emetics (Dopamine Antagonists)
25Promethazine _____Alpha Adrenergic Bloker BPH
26Trimethrobenzamide _____Anti-Emetic (Antihistamine/Anticholinergic)
27Dimenhydrinate _____Antispasmodic
28Hydroxyzine _____Urinary Retention
29Meclizine _____Urinary Tract Anesthetics
30Scopolamine _____Anti-Emetics (Dopamine Antagonists)

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