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drug name + group


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TCA Rosiglitazone
BRM Zopiclone
Migrane Enoxaparin
Anti-Anxiety+Sedative Finasteride
Antiemetics Venlafaxine
SSRI Cyclobenzaprine
Muscle Relxants Tryptophan
Anticonvulsant Mefnamic acid
Nasal Corticosteroids Sirulimus
Antacid Celecoxib
Nitrates Beclomethasone
Opthalmic Allergy Pyrethrins
Anticoagulant Latanoprost
Ophthalmic Inflammation Lithium
Macrolides Terazosin
Antihistamine Mirtazapine
Analgesics Cefazolin
SNRI Tretinoin
Beta Blockers Clarithrornycin
Fluoroquinolones diphenhyramine
Calcium Channel Blockers Prednisolone
Antidepressant Miscellaneous infliximab
Antidiarrheal Irbesartan
Penicillin Nitroglycerin
Diuretics SilverSulfadizine
Sympatholytics+ alpha,antagorist blockers Risperidone
Osteroporosis Probenecid
Antifungal bisoprolol
ACE Mixed amphedamine salts
Tetracyclines Dimehydrinate
ARB Loperamide
Hormonal Contraceptives Amoxicillin
Pediculidides Lisinopril
Cephalosporin Citalopram
Anti Inflammatory + NSAIDS Ciprofloxacin
Antipsychotic 1st gen Fentanyl
Antipsychotic 2nd gen diltiazem
Antitussives Valacyclovir
Alzheimers Disease dextromethorphan
Asthma + COPD Drugs Guanifensin
Acne Medroxyprogesterone
Anti-Parkinson Budesonide
ADHD Docusate sodium
Anti-Arrhythmics Chloroquine
Antivirals Hydrochlorothiazide
AntiHyperlipdemics Levodopa
Bipolar Disorder Halopentol
BPH Tadalafil
Burns Donepezil
Antidiabetic Agents Olopatoadine
Antiprotozoal Methylprednisolone
Corticosteroids Alendronate
Erectile Dysfunction Ethinyl estradiol/ etongestrel
Expectorants gabapentin
Dysmenorrhea Pravastatin
Glaucoma DoxyCycline
Eye + Ear infecions Toloramycin
Gout Clortrimazole
HRT Sumatriptan
Immunosuppressants Amiodraone

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