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Digestive system

Mark Borden

Digestive system

Chewing  Taking in food
Submandibular salivary gland Elimination of waste
Digestion  70% of saliva production
Ingestion Lymph nodes are attached to protect against microorganisms
Defecation  Secrete pepsinogen
Deglutition  Secrete HCL
Absorption  Flat teeth attached to jaw bone
Incisors Flatter shallow teeth
Canines Movement of food from mouth to stomach
Bicuspids Secrete mucin
Molars Internal tooth fixes into a socket
Crown Moving energy from food into the bloodstream
Neck  Secretes bile production
Root Part of tooth above the gum
Mucous cells  Mastication
Chief cells  Stimulates pancreas and liver to secrete juices
Parietal cells Gum attaches to tooth
Duodenum Teeth for biting or cutting
Jejunum  Secretes insulin
Ilium  Main area for absorption of nutrients
Liver Chemical change of food composition
Pancreas  Largest gland filters toxins
Gall bladder Pointed teeth for grasping and tearing

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