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Anuria involuntary nocturnal urination
burning on urination dribbling after void, hesitancy, decreased force, frequency, hematuria, UTIs, nocturia
dysuria untreated strep infection, or scars/infection
enuresis suprapubic pain (related to bladder), urethral pain (irritation of bladder neck), flank (CVA) pain
frequency peritonitis, infection @ access site, outflow problems - try turn, reposition, bleeding, hernias, atelectasis from reduced movement and reduced airway
hesitancy force fluids if general anesthesia is used, and patient consent signed
incontinence Take full course of antibiotics even if symptoms improve
nocturia dull to colicky pain, hematuria
oliguria Inflammation of the glomeruli
bladder pain passafe of urine containing gas
pneumaturia Benign prostatic hyperplasia. Aging, and male hormal imbalance
polyuria immobiliation, hyperparathyroidism, typically in males
retention frequency of urination at night
stress incontinence stinging pain in urethral area
S/S of UTI clean perineal area with alcohol wipe, catch urine saple midstream for best specimen
drug is nephrotoxic means avoid food containing pruine (red meat, alcohol), treat with allopurinol, increase fluids, strain urine
Examples of nephrotoxic drugs inability to voluntarily control discharge of urine
What is clean catch midstream? painful or difficult urination
How should patient do clean catch midstream? Control the bleeding, bleeding is light pink color
What is cystoscope? mechnical removal of water and blood like an artificial kidney
Why is cystoscope done? increased instra-abdominal pressure
Pre-operation cystocope instruction inflammation of the renal parenchyma and collecting system
Post-operation cystoscope instruction delay or difficulty in initating urination
normal creatinine clearance Drugs that cause toxicity to kidneys
What instructions should you give a patient taking antibiotics for UTI? Calcium ocidate and uric acid
What should you tell a patient to prevent UTI? large volume of urine in a given time
What is glomeruloneprhtis? Urine analysis
What causes glomerulonephrtis? meds to block androgen, turp
What is the treatment of glomerulonephrtis? inability to urinate even though bladder contains excessive amount of urine
What is BPH? Laser, TURP, loop resection, radial cystectomy w/ diversion, radiation, intravesical therapy with chemo
What are the S/S of BPH? rest, DECREASED Na, protein, fluids, and antibiotics
Treatment of BPH infection, irritable bladder
pyelonephritis  due to progressive disorcer, irreversible
What to do for a CBI? disequilibrium syndrome, hypotension, muscle cramps, anemia, sepsis, hepatatitis
What is a kidney stone? 15-34 years old
Are there different kinds of kidney stones? If yes, which burning, pink tinged urine, and urinary frequency are expected, bright red is not normal, watch for orthostatichypotension, offer warm bath, monitor temp
What causes kidney stones? Nephrolithiasis or urinary tract calculi
What are the S/S of kidney stones? no production of urine, output less than 100mL in 24 hours
What is the treat of kidney stones? Treatment of choice for older adults as well as for those who can't take anticoagulatnts, people with chronic infections or unstable clients
Nursing intervention for kidney stones? gentamicin, NSAIDs, Motrin
Calcium oxidate kidney stone treatment If able to pass stone, strain urine until it's passed. Lithotripsy or surgey
Uric Acid kidney stone treatment procedure to visualize the bladder
S/S of bladder cancer Wiping front to back, drink lots of fluid, urinate after intercourse, drink cran. juice
Treatment of bladder cancer burning, urgency, dysuria
stress incontinence restrict amount of milk/calcium and no coffe/caffeine/chocolate/beer or Increased Calcium
urge incontinence 70-135 mL / min
peritoneal dialysis r/t obstruction, infection usually reversible, SHOCK, MI, nephrotoxins, decreased cardiac output - may take up to 12 hours to treat -- TREAT UNDERLYING ISSUE
hemodialysis narcotics, morphine, dilaudid, B & O suppository, muscle relaxer to reduce constriction
complications of peritoneal dialysis They are no longer producing erythropoetin
complications of demodialysis increased incidence of urination, blood in urine
Explain why patients that are diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failre are anemic tubular lighted scope for bladder inspection
What age are you likely to see testicular cancer in gross painless hematuria, frequency, urgency
Acute Renal Failure involuntary urination with increased pressure (sneezing or coughing)
Chronic Renal Failure diminished amount of urine in a given time (24-hr urine output of 100-400 mL)

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