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Pharm Infection-Updated

Drug Match

1Cepahlosporins _____Ciprofloxacin
2Cepahlosporins _____Para Aminosalicylate Sodium
3Cepahlosporins _____Fluconazole
4Cepahlosporins _____Cephalexin
5Penicillin _____Doxycycline
6Penicillin _____Silver-Sulfadiazine
7Macrolides _____Vancomycin
8Macrolides _____Flouoroquinolones
9Lincosamides _____Streptomycin
10Lincosamides _____Flucystocene
11Ketolides _____Tigecycline
12Lipopeptides _____Daptomycin
13Glycopeptides _____Ceflcor
14Tetracyclines _____Climdamycin
15Glycylcyclines _____Clotrimazole
16Aminoglycosides _____Gentamicin
17Aminoglycosides/Anti-TB Agent _____Amphotericin
18Flucroquinolones _____Aminoglycosides
19Flucroquinolones _____Levofloxacin
20Sulfonamides _____Rifampin
21Sulfonamides _____Valacyclovir
22Streptogramins _____Metronidazole
23Oxazolidinones _____Amoxicillin
24Anti-Tubercular Agents _____Acyclovir
25Anti-Tubercular Agents _____Ceftriaxone
26Anti-Tubercular Agents _____Linezolid
27Anti-Tubercular Agents _____Miconazole
28Anti-Tubercular Agents _____Lincomycin
29Anti-Tubercular Agents _____Azithromycin
30Anti-Tubercular Agents _____Oseltamivir
31Anti-Protozoal Agent _____Quinupristin/Dalfopristin
32Anti-Fungal _____Isoniazid
33Anti-Fungal _____Erythromycin
34Anti-Fungal _____Capreomyin
35Anti-Fungal _____Ethambutol
36Anti-Fungal _____Nystatin
37Anti-Fungal _____Ampicillin
38Anti-Viral _____Trimethorprim-Sulfamethoxazide
39Anti-Viral _____Cefapime
40Anti-Viral _____Telithromycin

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