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demilitarization a mass slaughter of Jews and other civilians, carried out by the Nazi government of Germany before and during World War II
Winston Churchill devastated over 400,000 people in Japan, ended World War II
genocide a system of fortifications along France's border with Germany
Battle of Midway a reduction in a country's ability to wage war, achieved by disbanding its armed forces and prohibiting it from acquiring weapons
Atlantic Charter Pacific Naval General during World War II who lost several battles until a decisive victory at Guadalcanal
democratization June 6, 1944, the day on which the Allies began their invasion of the European mainland during World War II
Kristallnacht city neighborhoods in which European Jews were forced to live
ghetto during World War II Japanese suicide pilots trained to sink Allied ships by crashing bomb-filled planes into them
Battle of Stalingrad event during World War II where 70,000 Filipino and American prisoners of war were forced to march 50 miles to a prison camp and only 54,000 returned
Aryan Japanese General who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor
Douglass MacArthur British Prime Minister during World War II
Maginot Line the German peoples who formed a "master race"
Holocaust the systematic killing of an entire people
Battle of the Bulge a declaration of principles issued in August 1941 by British prime minister Winston Churchill and US president Franklin Roosevelt, on which the Allied peace plan at the end of World War II was based
Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the process of creating a government elected by the people
Dwight D. Eisenhower a series of court proceedings held in Nuremberg, Germany after World War II, in which Nazi leaders were tried for aggression, violations of rules of war, and crimes against humanity
non-aggression pact naval base in Hawaii that was attacked on December 7, 1941
Isoroku Yamamoto a series of battles between German and British air forces, fought over Britain in 1940-1941
blitzkrieg "lightning war", a form of warfare in which surprise attacks with fast moving airplanes are followed by massive attacks with infantry forces
Bataan Death March US General who led troops in North Africa and Normandy, France. Later became president
Erwin Rommel an agreement in which nations promise not to attack one another
Nuremberg Trials Hitler's program systematically killing the entire Jewish people
kamikaze a 1942 sea and air battle of World War II, in which American forces defeated Japanese forces in the central Pacific
Battle of Britain a 1942-1943 battle of World War II, in which Allied troops drove Japanese forces from the Pacific island of Guadalcanal
Final Solution a 1942-1943 battle of World War II, in which German forces were defeated in their attempt to capture the city of Stalingrad in the Soviet Union
Pearl Harbor "Night of Broken Glass", the night of November 9, 1938, on which Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues throughout Germany
D-Day a 1944-1945 battle in which Allied forces turned back the last major German offensive of World War II
Battle of Guadalcanal Nazi General who led forces in North Africa, known as the Desert Fox

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