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Japanese Greetings and Basic Phrases

Kelly McG

Help to learn the Japanese greetings and basic phrases

Konnichiwa (co-ni-chi-wa) Yes
Ohayou Gozaimas (o-hi-yo Go-zi-e-mus) I do understand
Konbanwa (con-ban-wa) Hello / Good Morning
Oyassuminasi (o-ya-su-me-nas-i) I don't understand
Sayonara (s-i-yo-nara) Excuse me / Pardon me
Hai Good Night
iie (e-eh) I'm sorry
Arigato Gozaimasu (a-ri-gah-toh goh-zi-e-mus) Thank you (for something done in the past)
Arigato Gozaimashita (a-ri-gah-toh goh-zi-e-mash-ta) Hello / Good Afternoon
Kudasai (ku-da-sigh) no
Sumimasen (su-me-ma-sen) Thank you
Gomen'nasai (go-men-na-sigh) Goodbye
Wakarimasen (wuh-ka-ri-ma-sen) Please
Wakarimashita (wuh-ka-ri-mash-ta) Hello / Good Evening
Doza (doh-za) After you

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