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Respiratory System


1Bordella pertussis _____Psittacosis (Parrot fever)
2Burkholderia pseudmallei _____Pneumonia, Epiglotittis
3Chlamydophila psittaci  _____Tuberculosis
4Haemophilus influenzae _____Pertussis/ The Whooping cough
5Legionella pneumophila _____Pneumonia
6Moraxella catarrhalis _____Melioidosis
7Mycobacterium tuberculosis _____Aspergillosis
8Streptococcus pneumoniae _____Common Cold
9Streptococcus pyogenes _____Pneumocystic pneumonia
10Aspergillus fumigatus _____Influenza (Flu)
11Coccidioides immitis _____Legionnaires' Disease
12Pneumocystic jirovecii _____Coccidioidomycosis (Valley fever)
13Influenza _____Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis
14Rhinoviruses _____Tonsllitis
15RSV _____Bronchitis, Laryngitis

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