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Bio test 3

Neutrophils second phase in cardiac cycle (S1 sound)
Lymphocytes fourth phase in cardiac cycle (S2 sound)
Monocytes disorder- excess RED BLOOD CELLS
Eosiophils arterial sense organ- BARORECEPTOR detect blood pressure drop
Basophils controlled by parasympathetic SLOWS DOWN HEART RATE
albumins third phase in cardiac cycle
hemoglobin degraded by macrophages congestive heart failure where left ventricle is stronger than right-blood pooling in tissues
polycythemia heme (biliverdin-bilirubin-urobilinogen and feces / iron-reuse and storage) / globin (free amino acids recycled)
leuopenia 2 pathways to make factor X and create meshwork to TRAP all blood cells and platelets to tighten break in vessels
leuocytosis damaged TISSUE sends signal to brain to release platelets
STEP 1 VASCULAR SPASM blood INTO tissue (antigen presenting cells to T cells)
STEP 2 PLATELET PLUG FORMATION fights parasitic infections and ALLERGIES)
Hemostasis arterial sense organ- CHEMORECEPTOR monitor blood pH
STEP 3 COAGGULATION missing factors that cant lead to factor X for coaggulation
Entrinsic pathway for Coaggulation First phase in cardiac cycle
Intrinsic pathway for Coaggulation white blood cells below 5000 (LOW) caused by radiation, poison and diseases
hemophilia spasm of muscle causing vasoconstrication
thrombosis controlled by sympathetic INCREASES BLOOD PRESSURE
Isovolumetric contraction plasma protein that contributes to viscosity, colloids osmotic pressure, osmolarity, blood pressure, flow and fluid balance
ventricular ejection Preload (venous return), contractibility, Afterload (force opposing ejection)
isovolumetric relaxation exposed collagen fibers-platelets attach to fibers-degranulation to release serotonin, ADP and thrombaxon
pulmonary edema ACh SLOWS DOWN HEART RATE (binds to K channel and releases K ENDUCES VAGAL TONE TO DECREASE HEART RATE)
systemic edema while blood cells above 10000 (HIGH) (normal) caused by infection, allergy, disease
Sympathetic capillary found in small intestine and kidney
Parasympathetic abnormal clotting (PULMONARY EMBOLISM)
Stroke Volume Variables bacterial slayers (most abundant)
corotid sinus congestive heart failure where right ventricle is stronger than left-blood pooling in lungs and SUFFOCATION
corotid body release histamine and heparin (least abundant)
aortic body viscosity, vessel length, vessel radius(MOST POWERFUL)
continous capillary arterial sense organ- CHEMORECEPTOR in walls of aortic arch
fenestrated capillary BLOOD plasma sends signal to brain to release platelets
sinusoid capillary aderenergic (2nd messenger) takes longer but has longer lasting effect INCREASES HEART REAP (cAMP opens calcium)
Peripheral resistance blood clotting
vagal tone B and T cells TO plasma cells and attack virus infected cells
vasomotor tone LEAST PERMUABLE CAPILLARY skeletal muscle and skin

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