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The Russian Revolution


Mix and Match

Who was hanged for plotting to kill Czar Alexander III? Bolsheviks
When did Czar Alexander III die after a sudden illness? Stalin
Who did Czar NIcholas II marry? Mensheviks
Where was Lenin exiled to for three years in 1895? Siberia
When was Nicholas II crowned czar of Russia? The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Who were the minority of the RSDLP? Moscow
Who were the majority of the RSDLP? Alexandra Fedorovna
What was Czarina Alexandra's son's name? 15th of July, 1914
When did the Bloody Sunday in St. Petersburg happen? 3rd of April, 1917
What began the 1905 Revolution in Russia? 3rd of March, 1918
What brought an end to the 1905 Revolution? Alexander Kerensky
When did World War I begin? 21st of January, 1924
Who assumed supreme command of the Russian Army? 24th of October, 1894
Who was murdered on the 16th of December, 1916? Russia
When was the Provisional Government formed?  9th of January, 1905
When did Lenin return from exile? The October Revolution
Who became Prime Minister of the Provisional Government? 15th of December, 1922
What was it called when the Bolsheviks take over Petrograd? Czar Nicholas II
What was the last hideout of the Provisional Government? June, 1918
When was the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk signed? The Winter Palace
What country was taken out from World War I in 1918? Bloody Sunday
What did the Bolshevik Party change their name into in 1918? The Communist Party
What was the capital of Russia changed into in 1918? Alexander Ulyanov
When did the Russian Cil War begin? The October Manifesto
Who were executed on the 17th of July, 1918? 2nd of March, 1917
Who was left seriously injured after a fail attempt on assassination? Rasputin
When did the Russian Civil War end? November, 1920
Who was appointed General Secretary? Czar Nicholas II and his family
When did Lenin suffer a second stroke and retires from politics? 14th of May, 1895
What was established on the 30th of December, 1922? Lenin
When did Lenin die causing Stalin to become his successor? Alexei

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