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Mathmetic Word Match Puzzle

Jason Morlock

Match each math vocabulary word to its definition on the opposite side.

Hexagon  The value of a variable that makes an equation true.
Heptagon A polygon with 8 sides.
Horizontal The set of numbers containing zero, the natural numbers, and all the negatives of the natural numbers.
Hypotenuse A polygon with 7 sides.
Inequality  A three-dimensional figure with all points in space a fixed distance from a given point, called the center.
Infinity  A whole number that is not divisible by 2.
Integer  The point (0, 0) on a coordinate plane, where the x-axis and the y-axis intersect.
Intercept  The root of an equation is the same as the solution to the equation.
Natural Number A mathematical expression which shows that two quantities are not equal.
Negative Number An angle measuring more than 90 degrees.
Number Line A real number that is less than zero.
Numerator A limitless quantity.
Obtuse Angle  The x-intercept of a line or curve is the point where it crosses the x-axis, and the y- intercept of a line or curve is the point where it crosses the y-axis.
Octagon  In statistics, the difference between the largest and the smallest numbers in a data set.
Origin  A quadrilateral with four equal sides and four 90 degree angles.
Odd Number The line opposite the right angle in a ight triangle.
Radius  The distance from the center to a point on a circle; the line segment from the center to a point on a circle.
Range The top part of a fraction.
Ratio  A pair of numbers that compares different types of units.
Root A line with zero slope.
Slope A polygon with 6 sides.
Solution  A line on which every point represents a real number.
Sphere  The steepness of a line expressed as a ratio, using any two points on the line.
Square The counting numbers.

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