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Internal Systems Match Up!

Please match the following words to their corresponding meanings.

1Macronutients _____Exchange of gases between alveoli and blood, surface must be be moist for diffusion to occur
2Monomer _____Finger-like extensions of mucosa, increase surface area to mazim
3Polymer _____Ventricles contract causing blood to be full fully expelled from the heart. Creates a 'Lub' sound.
4Absorption _____The amount of air that passes in and out of the lungs
5Esophagus _____The bronchioles or the airways that connect the alveoli and the trachea become irritated or infected
6Small Intestine _____Large molecules made up of smaller molecules (monomers joined together)
7Large Intestine _____Small, individual molecules or subunits present in carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids
8Liver _____Air ways become narrowed, due to exposure to airborne pollutants, cold air, cigarette smoke, and drugs
9Constipation _____Occurs when the blood supply to heart tissue is slowed or stopped. Also, it's narrowing or blockage of coronary arteries
10Villi and Microvilli _____Thinner and less muscular than in arteries. Its diameter is large in size
11Respiration  _____Reabsorb water, hold and compact material from small intestine
12External Respiration _____Occurs in the mitochondria of every cell, uses oxygen to produce energy
13Internal Respiration _____The act of taking nutrients into the cells of the body, occers in small intestine
14Cellular Respiration _____Very thick and muscular walls to withstand and pressure from blood. Its diameter is medium in size
15Bronchitis _____Major site of digestion and absorption, secrete intestinal juices and receives secretions from pancreas and live
16Tidal Volume (TV) _____Heart relaxes causing blood to fill the chambers. Creates a 'Dub' sound
17Residual Volume (RV) _____Very thin walls (one cell thick), lots of branching to increase surface area for diffusion. Its diameter is small in size
18Total Lung Capacity (TLC) _____Can occer by not eating enough fibre, and water. Also could occer if you ignore the urge to pass stool and causes abdominal pain
19Asthma _____Special receptors that detect changes of pH in blood (are especially sensitive to levels of Carbon Dioxide)
20Chemoreceptors _____Round- Amoeboid Shaped, contain a nucleus, large in size, and are made in the bone marrow
21Cardiac Circulation _____A muscular tube that connects pharynx to the stomach
22Arteries _____The air that still remains in the lungs after maximum exhalation
23Capilaries _____Nutrients required in small amounts, large molecules and sometimes made of a large number of repeating subunits (ex: Carbohydrates, water, lipids(fats), sugar.
24Veins _____The maximum volume of air that can be held in the lungs at any given time
25Leucocyte (WBC)  _____Bioconcave disc that allows flexibility and movement through vessels of different shapes and sizes, do not contain a nucleus, found in bone marrow and spleen
26Erythrocytes (RBC)  _____Produces bile then sends it to the gallbladder for storage.Also has the enzyme called catalase.
27Platelets _____Exchange of gases between blood in the capillaries and individual ells in the tissues, oxygen diffuses out of blood and carbon dioxide in blood
28Systole _____Route taken by blood through the heart
29Dystole _____Intake of oxygen for cellular respiration, to break down glucose for energy, release carbon dioxide
30Heart Attack _____Small cell fragments, disc shaped, contain no nucelus, small in size, and break off of special cells found in the bone marrow

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