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A Words for GRE

Philip Yox

GRE words practice

Abate to leave secretly
Abscond intense and passionate feeling
Abstain to reduce in force or degree; to weaken
Abyss an extremely deep hole
Adulterate to annoy or provoke to anger
Advocate to make impure
Aesthetic to combine, to mix together
Aggrandize extreme dislike
Alleviate to make better, improve
Amalgamate able to speak clearly and expressively
Ambiguous  to reduce in amount, degree or severity
Ameliorate concerning the appreciation of beauty
Anachronism to speak in favor of
Analogous to increase in power, influence and reputation
Anomaly fearless and daring
Antagonize severe or stern in appearance; undecorated
Antipathy doubtful or uncertain, able to be interpreted several ways
Apathy something out of place in time
Arbitrate  to make something unpleasant less severe
Archaic to choose not to do something
Ardor deviation from what is normal
Articulate lack of interest or emotion
Assuage to make more bearable
Attenuate to judge a dispute between two opposing parties
Audacious ancient, old-fashioned
Austere similar or alike in some way, equivalent to

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