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Analyzing Rhetoric

By Kyla Rischard

In order to effective analyze rhetoric, you must first know CARS jargon (vocabulary specific to a particular field). Please match each term to it's appropriate definition. Click "Check Solution" at the bottom center of the page to check your answers.

Rhetorical analysis The individual writing the piece
Author The actual text written by the author, including factual information and explicit opinions
Jargon The relationships among words, sentences, and paragraphs, and the larger societal situation in which the piece was written
Audience Indicative of the goal of a written work because it reflects the author’s attitude toward the subject matter
Message Vocabulary specific to a particular field
Voice Logical persuasion, appeals to the audience's rational judgment
Genre The author uniquely strings words together to deliver a message
Medium The category into which the written work can be classified, such as a book, article, essay, letter, and so on
Goal The delivery system into which the written work can be placed, such as print, broadcast, and digital media
Tone Ethical persuasion, appeals via the author’s credibility
Context The examination of a particular work for the sake of identifying its rhetorical elements
Logos Emotional persuasion, appeals to the audience's feelings
Ethos The reason why the author wrote the work
Pathos The person(s) the author intended to read or hear the work

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