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Regional Geography:  The ability to aggregate multiple tourism service supplier offerings in real time into a package
Marketing mix Consumer physiological characteristics that can be quantified, including lifestyle and personality information.
Cartography Prefers the familiar and is not open to new experiences. Are said to prefer trips close to home and to seek familiar environments, such as hotel chains with which they are comfortable, when traveling. (SEE DEPENDABLES)
Feudal System Systems designed to record and track customer orders, process debit and credit cards, manage inventory, and connect to other systems in a network.
Physical geography An amount of money or other item given to make up for some mistake or wrongdoing
Psychocentrics Outwardly focused, interested in others. Are said to be drawn to adventure travel
Distressed inventory Online journals composed of links and postings in reverse chronological order.
Psychographics Technologies for identifying and verifying an individual’s physiological characteristics such as fingerprints. Handprints, facial features, and irises.
Allocentrics Those things that an organization can do to influence the demand for its goods or services. It consists of four variables, often called the four Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion
Heterogeneous Tangible items that support or accompany a service being provided
Homogeneous Having similar characteristics and needs
Facilitating goods A predetermined procedure or amount of an ingredient
Restitution Centralized locations designed and managed to handle large volumes of incoming telephone inquiries, in many cases on a 24/7 basis
Service script Tourism undertaken for a distinct and specific personal reason.
Standard An affiliation of privately owned companies to improve business operations and gain the necessary volume of business that can lead to improved profitability
Expected Quality People aged 55 and older; also called “senior citizens.”
Consolidators sales calls made by individuals to retail travel agencies and other tourism industry intermediaries to answer questions and educate them about the company’s services so that they may be sold more effectively.
Consortium The science or art of making maps and interpreting mapped patterns of physical and human geography
Missionary sales Having differing characteristics and needs
Itinerary Tourism services that have not been sold as the date of use approaches.
Hosted Tour Wholesalers who buy excess inventory of unsold airline tickets and then resell these tickets at discounted prices through travel agents or, in some cases, directly to travelers
Data Mining A tour in which a host is available at each major tour destination to welcome guests, solve problems, and answer questions.
Point of sale A system of political organization, prevailing in Europe from the 9th to about the 15th century, in which ownership of all land was vested in kings and queens.
Biometrics The natural features of our planet, including such things as climate, land masses, bodies of water, and resources.
Blogs Analyzing information stored in computer databases with the help of statistical techniques to uncover hidden relationships and patterns.
Leg A detailed schedule of a trip
Call Centers Learned patterns of behavior that guide interactions during a service encounter
Dynamic Packaging The segment of a flight between consecutive stops
Mature Travelers The components of geography that focus on regionals landscapes, cultures, economies, and political and social systems.
Special Interest Travelers The level of quality that a consumer predicts he or she will receive from a good or service

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