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Mobilizing terminology

Abduction Deformity caused by shortening of muscles, tendons and ligaments
Adduction Straightening
Biomechanics Lying down in the dorsal position with a pillow under the head
Circumduction Looks at effects of movement and normal patterns of movements
Contraction lying face downwards
Contractures Turning outwards
Dorsal Lying on the back with the skeleton tilted 30 degrees to relieve pressure on sacrum
Dorsiflexion Paralysis on one side of the body
Ergonomics Lying down in the dorsal position, i.e. on the back
Eversion Looks at effective use of energy in relation to efficient movement
Extension Lying on one side
Flexion Moving away from the median line
Hemiparesis Moving towards the median line
Hemiplegia Relating to the back
Inversion Paralysis of all four limbs
Plantar Turning inwards
Pronation Turning the palm of the hand downwards
Prone Weakness/ paralysis on one side of the body
Quadriplegia Shortening or drawing together
Recumbent Related to the sole of the foot, as in plantar reflex
Semi-prone Moving through a circle, in combination
Semi-recumbent Bending of the foot and toes upwards
30 degree tilt Bending

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