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Daryl crossbow to the head
Beth brother and boyfriend died, depressed, no with Abraham, laid on top of walkers
Hershel Ginger, funny lines, military
Patricia father died, has a crazy sister
Shane dead daughter, went crazy, one eye
Abraham loved tyreese, burned by carol
Rick Amputee, christian farmer
Axel shot daryl, half burned face, one of negans men
Oscar shot glenn, dumpster, suicide
Maggie has a older brother, is a baby
Jacqui governors man, bow
Lizzie was stabbed, left to die, zombified and bit another survivor while the were tied to a chair
Merle hammer time, survived huge herd, bitten by a child walker
Jessie abusive husband, fought with rick, has 2 children
Michonne Lost wife, shot during duty as sheriff
Sam Lost hand, knife hand
Carol Pizza boy
Ed Ricks lover, cuts hair, blonde
Carl Previous officer, Mossberg
Judith Shot in head by governor, prisoner
Sophia Glass bones, was bitten
Noah throat slit on accident by fellow alexandrian survivor
Reg was suicidal, shot daryl, bitten
Pete found in a barn, was lost for many days
Denise officer at hospital, shot beth
Dwight 1 eye, has a little sister
negan mullet, "scientist"
Governor Redneck, crossbow
Jim played and fed walkers
Amy dead son, dead boyfriend
Penny was with governor, glenn save dher
Joe Abusive asshole husband, beaten by shane
Gareth shot in leg by shane during a supply run for medicine for carl
shumpert Eldest daughter, farm girl, last remaining Greene family member
Mika mom was killed when walkers got in alexandria, later finds her outside the wall, puts her down, brother and father also died
Tyreese Killed during woodbury assualt
Spencer 2 word: Revolving doors
Tara Zombified daughter, killed by michonne
Eugene loved fantasy, died on birthday, bitten after walking out of RV
Gabriel bitten, leg eaten by cannabals
Karen was with abraham, was dumped by hit
Bob hurt leg during bar shootout, was taken prisoner
Sasha leader of terminus
Rosita Dead daughter, abused
Glenn Shot in head by officer, suicidal at first
Andrea CDC suicide
Milton lucilles owner, big bad
Otis throat bitten by rick
randall Killed during escape from over run farm, married to Otis
Nicholas holy man, priest
Dawn Mom, Mom, mom, eaten by zombies

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