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Puzzle about Joseph

Vicki Nunn

Can you link these Bible questions about Joseph with their correct answers?

What was the name of Joseph’s father? Judah
Where had Joseph’s family been living when the story begins? God
Which of Joseph's brother suggested selling him as a slave instead of killing him? Baker
How many brothers did Joseph have? Potiphar
What was the name of Joseph’s oldest brother? Israel
What was the name of Joseph's youngest brother? Benjamin
What was the name of Joseph's first boss? Blessing
While in jail, besides the cup-bearer, what other person spoke to Joseph about his dream? Reuben
In the first of his dreams, Pharaoh dreamed about which river? Eleven
During this time, who was the interpreter of dreams? Seventeen
How old was Joseph when he entered Pharaoh's service? Nile
How many years did the famine last? Shepherd
What was the name of the land where the Egyptians allowed Joseph’s family to settle? Seven
What was the occupation of Joseph's family? Ephraim
When Joseph’s father met Pharaoh, what did he give him? Thirty
After arriving in Egypt, how many more years did Joseph’s father live? Goshen
Joseph’s two sons were Manasseh and who else? Canaan
As he was dying, Joseph’s father asked to be buried in the cave at which place? Machpelah

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